Toddler Tantrums: How to Avoid it?

Toddler tantrum is a common thing for toddlers. It is like a nightmare, your kid transforms from a happy toddler into a crying, screaming kid. And the worst of it once it starts, it is difficult to stop and let your kid calm down. For this reason, it is best to prevent your kid from throwing a tantrum than to stop one that is already in progress.

We have listed below ways to prevent your kid from throwing a toddler tantrum:

Met Your Toddlers Needs

This is straightforward, a parent should always tend to the needs of their child. A hungry plus tired toddler is prone to tantrums. So, make sure your kid is full and had enough rest to avoid having meltdowns especially in public. You will for sure see a drop on the number of meltdowns if you follow this. Speaking of needs if you are in need of great stroller reviews and comparisons, visit our sponsor here.

Follow a Routine

Toddlers are easily overwhelmed by anything that is out of their usual ways. So, it is important for your toddler to follow a routine. It can give your toddler a sense of order and predictability. Toddlers love routine, they accept things well when they are familiar with it. Having a routine will for sure trigger a tantrum.

Set Expectations

Guiding your kid to what is socially expected is good for your toddler. It is advisable to teach your kid what is accepted and what is not and help your kid set expectations. You can exercise your kid for example if you are going to a restaurant. You can say, “We are going to the restaurant. When we get there, you should behave. No running or screaming there, we must talk softly. You can explain these things calmly to your child of your expectations and make sure you repeat it several times for emphasis. With this your child will have a better understanding and will minimize tantrums.